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Taylor Kurtz is a professional SEO, Business Professor at Front Range Community College and a contributing writer for Search Engine Land. Taylor was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Taylor then moved to Tallahassee in order to attend Florida State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Sport Management. Taylor has an employment background within law firms that he has used to seamlessly integrate Attorney Search Engine Optimization into his marketing strategy. Taylor has since relocated to Fort Collins, CO, where he continues to build the Crush the Rankings client-base, as well as his personal SEO skills.

Google Penalty Recovery Expert

Taylor Kurtz Google Boulder SEO

With years of SEO experience, Taylor prides himself on communicating openly with clients and make sure his clients not only get the results they want, but understand why they are getting those results. The reality is, Google Algorithm updates happen, and in some cases, whether it involves an algorithm update or not, a website may receive a Google penalty. A penalty from Google may result in you falling in the rankings or, in severe instances, dropping out of the search results entirely. Taylor Kurtz and Crush the Rankings have extensive experience assisting clients in recovering their rankings and, in many instances, achieving greater rankings and positioning within the search results than ever before. If you believe your website has been penalized by Google, contact an experienced Google Penalty Expert today!

Taylor received his MBA from Florida State University, while also appearing at conferences across the country to speak on SEO as a part of the Digital Summit Series.

Learn More About SEO
Learn More About SEO


  • Florida State University – Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management
  • Florida State University – Master’s of Business Administration


Media Appearances

Conferences and Courses

  • Seattle Digital Summit – September 2022
  • Boston Digital Summit – August 2022
  • Washington DC Digital Summit – August 2022
  • Denver Digital Summit – June 2022
  • Dallas Digital Summit – December 2021
  • Portland Digital Summit – September 2021
  • Kansas City Digital Summit – August 2021
  • At Home Digital Summit – September 2020
  • Guest Lecturer for Intro to Marketing + Intro to Digital Marketing at Grand Canyon University – 2019
  • Denver Digital Summit – 2017 + 2018 + 2019
  • Austin Digital Summit – 2019
  • Tampa Digital Summit – 2019 (click here to watch presentation)
  • Digital Summit Series Speaker – 2019
  • Florida State University American Marketing Association speaker – 2019
  • Search Engine Journal Summit – 2016 + 2017



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