Website Design and Development

We live in a digital world and in this world, without a good and functioning website and a strong online presence, a business will not meet it’s full potential. Crush The Rankings is fortunate enough to have an elite web developer on the team, Scott Kondor. With nearly 20 years in website development, CTR offers full web development services. Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization is frequently an afterthought when it comes to web design and often clients will come to us in a panic, as they paid for a beautiful website but it cannot be found in the search results. At Crush The Rankings, we develop an intentional strategy before the first page is ever made, and the entire site is built around a strategy aimed to optimize the project for all search engines, such as Google, in order to ensure the highest rankings possible.

Everything on a website makes a difference, from the word choice to the photos and even things behind-the-scenes a regular website visitor would never notice, such as meta tags and descriptions. Our websites are made with Google and that number 1 ranking in mind. From the very first time we touch your project, our goal is to optimize your website and make it as appealing to Google as possible. We accomplish this goal by working closely with our clients to determine their goals, ideal clients, and needs. Crush The Rankings is proud to offer the BEST web design in Fort Collins.

Development Services

  • Build Search Engine Optimized websites
  • Website Re-Optimization
    • Optimize existing websites to improve rankings. All changes will be based on latest technology, search engine preferences, and strategic SEO
  • Optimize business listings to improve map rankings and appearances
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    • All websites will be created on a platform that will be made accessible to the client*
  • Mobile Development
    • Websites created in order to be mobile-friendly for smart phones and tablets.






*Crush the Rankings is not liable for any changes made to website by client or subsequent impact on search results.

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