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The days of searching for an attorney in the Yellow Pages are over with. In the ever-growing digital world we live in, search engines such as Google are the driving force behind getting businesses new leads and new clients. Crush The Rankings is an all-inclusive digital marketing agency with a focus on Search Engine Optimization

Google and the other search engines have things they like and things they do not like. Crush The Rankings goal is to optimize every clients website to be in accordance with the latest industry standards in order to have the client’s website show up higher in search results. Crush The Rankings offers services ranging from SEO, Web Development, Paid Advertising campaigns, content writing, and social media marketing. If you are looking for the BEST Search Engine Optimization, look no further!

Google Algorithm Recovery Expert

With years of experience in SEO, Taylor Kurtz has taken great interest into studying Google Algorithm updates, the penalties that can be associated with Google and their Algorithms, and how to recover from a possible penalty. Here at Crush the Rankings, we take a deep dive into your project to see what impact, if any, an algorithm update had on your website. If you were penalized by Google or dropped in rankings, we specialize in SEO Ranking Recovery and consider ourselves to be Google Algorithm Update Experts.

SEO Rankings Process

Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept or a new form of advertising. What is new are the rules professional SEO must play by. Each and every day, Google and similar search engines make changes to their algorithms, and without staying on top of these adjustments and tweaks, even the most focused SEO efforts will fall short.

Crush The Rankings prides ourselves on being on the cutting edge of industry standards and up-to-date with all the latest developments. When we take on a new SEO project, we ensure our clients that their site will be handled PROPERLY. This means we spend extensive time researching your website, industry, target audience, and dozens of other factors to gauge the climate of your market before even touching your website. Hours of keyword research, audits, and reports guide our efforts to ensure that when we provide Search Engine Optimization for a client, their website will be viewed as positively as is possible by the search engines.

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