Google Penalty Recovery

Seeing your business’ website traffic plummet or, even worse, a sharp decline in conversions can be incredibly alarming. The first step is to understand if your website has actually been penalized by Google. Either way, it is critical to contact an expert in Google algorithm updates and penalties to analyze your website, determine if a penalty did in fact occur, and create a strategy to not only recover from the penalty, but further improve your positions in the Search Engine Results Page.

Signs of a Google Penalty

  • A manual action warning from Google
  • Your website has completely fallen out of the Search Results
  • A drop in online leads/conversions
  • A plummet/decline in organic search traffic
  • Decline in organic search result rankings

Analyzing and Resolving a Google Penalty

Crush the Rankings takes great pride in not only assisting clients in identifying the cause of a Google penalty and then resolving said problem, but also optimizing websites in a way that they meet all of the known benchmarks and are at far-lesser risk of experiencing a negative impact from an Algorithm update or Google penalty. Crush the Rankings goes through every component of your website, from performance, speed, backlinks, analytics, Google Search Console, etc. to determine the cause of a possible penalty, identify any weaknesses, and work to make the website stronger than ever.

Causes of a Google Penalty

Crush the Rankings and our lead-SEO expert Taylor Kurtz work hard to leave no stone unturned when looking for the cause of a possible decline in traffic and rankings. Below are some of the possible causes of a Google penalty, as well as what CTR does to identify and resolve these issues:

  • Low Quality Content
    • If Google believes your content is of low-quality, whether because it is duplicate or plagiarized, or because it simply is not useful to the user or credible, there is the chance for a penalty. Crush the Rankings goes page-by-page on your website to evaluate each piece of content, identifying any weaknesses as well as areas to improve and opportunities to capture positions within the search results.
  • Manual Penalty
    • Crush the Rankings will crawl through your entire website, as well as the Google Search Console, to search for a possible notice from Google that action needs to be taken.
  • Algorithm Updates
    • We will evaluate your traffic, looking to identify any time-periods of decline and see if any significant Google Algorithm Updates occurred during that time. If we identify that you have been the victim of a Google Algorithm Update, we will put together a strategy to not only recover, but overcome the update and have a stronger presence than ever within the Search Results Page.
  • Bad Links
    • A common cause of penalty is having a backlink profile filled with spammy or shady links. We will conduct a thorough backlink audit to identify any possible backlinks that could be deemed spam or harmful. Once we have identified any spammy links, we will prepare a disavow file to submit to Google to let them know we do not wish to be associated with those links.
  • Poor User Experience
    • Google’s primary focus is providing the user the best result and experience possible. With the new Google Page Experience Update, this has never been more critical. Metrics such as the Core Vitals play a pivotal role in the user experience and not meeting Google’s expectations can certainly cause a decline in rankings. If Google feels that your website creates a spammy experience, such as having too many pop-ups or moving elements, you may be penalized.

There are numerous factors and changes that could cause a penalty or decline in rankings and traffic from Google’s organic search. If you believe your site may have been negatively impacted by a Google Algorithm Update or penalty, contact an experienced Google Penalty expert today.

How to Recover from a Google Penalty

The first step is simply identifying if a penalty occurred and, if so, what is the cause? Once we have established the cause for the decline in traffic, rankings, and conversions, we will formulate a strategy to recover and rebound, leaving no stone unturned. Crush the Rankings has years of experience not only assisting clients in recovering their rankings and traffic after an algorithm update, but also optimizing websites to be far less suseptible to future algorithm updates and penalties. If you think your site may have been impacted by a Google Algorithm Update or penalty, contact the Google Algorithm Expert at Crush the Rankings to get your website back on track as quickly and effectively as possible!

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