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Scott Kondor is a web developer for Crush the Rankings and founder of Kondor with a K. Scott has been developing and designing websites since 2001 and has been a professional web developer since 2007.

Scott graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from Florida State University. During his 20+ years of web-development experience, Scott has developed into a very detail-oriented front-end and back-end developer in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. Since graduating from FSU, Scott has established both himself and CTR as the best web design in Fort Collins.

Scott has a full and extensive knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and MySQL, and this knowledge allows him to build amazing websites from the ground-up. Thus, the websites created here at CTR are not pre-built templates, but are custom built websites designed specifically to meet the needs of your business and thrive in the Search results. If you’re looking for a talented and reliable web designer in Northern Colorado or elsewhere, look no further than Scott Kondor.

Websites Optimized for Search Engines

Crush the Rankings enters each project with that exact goal, CRUSHING the rankings and dominating your competitors for those competitive, key terms. Competing in the SERP (search engine results page) begins with having a healthy, fast, and well-performing website that has a tremendous user experience. Scott Kondor has decades of experience building websites with SEO in mind and ensuring that all of our websites meet, and often exceed, all of the known metrics of search engines, including, but not limited to, mobile-friendliness, load speed, core vitals, user experience, local SEO optimization, and much more.

If you are looking to build a website that will dominate in search, or you’re simply looking to improve your existing website, look no further than the award-winning web-development at Crush the Rankings. When CTR builds or develops a website, we do so in partnership with our own SEO and Google Algorithm Experts to ensure that they are built and optimized for search from the ground up.

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