Paid Advertising and Pay-Per-Click for Lawyers

Google is constantly changing. Every single day Google modifies it’s search algorithm several times. Most of these changes are not noticeable to the typical user, but what is noticeable is the abundance of ads that have become so prevalent on both the top AND the bottom of the Google search results. While many people do notice the green box that says “AD” next to the top few results, the majority are not sure why they’re there or how these ads came to be ranked higher than websites that spend hundreds of hours focused on SEO. The answer is simple: While SEO is important, it is not the only way to gain traffic and competitors know this.

There are many forms of paid ads on the internet, not just the ones at the top of the Google search. Google also allows you to run display ads on the pages of websites with relevance to your own website or the keywords targeted.

However, paid ads are not exclusive to Google and are becoming a more and more powerful way for advertisers to get their message heard. Nearly every Social Media platform, from Facebook to Snapchat and all the way to Linkedin and even industry-specific directories. However, not all ads are the same and these ads still need to be optimized in order to reach your target audience and for you to not be paying for the ad to be in front of eyes that will most likely never convert in the first place. Crush The Rankings has years of experience running paid-ad campaigns with great success. Contact us now to see how paid ads could be helpful for your business!

Paid Advertising Services

  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Paid Search Advertising
  • Email Advertising
  • Multimedia Advertising
  • Traditional Advertising
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