Stretching Your Life (Tallahassee)

The Impact of SEO on Website Traffic

Stretching Your Life is a stretch therapy office located in Tallahassee, FL. After having her website built nearly a decade ago, Kim Ortloff decided that while business was booming through word-of-mouth, she wanted a new source of clients and revenue. Kim reached out to Crush The Rankings and asked them to optimize her site for better visibility within the Search Engines. With a focus on the layout of the website, internal linking, and targeted keywords, Crush the Rankings was able to help Kim increase her organic presence. In short time, Kim saw a quick change in the amount of visitors her website was getting on a daily basis as well as an increase in phone calls and potential new clients.


Traffic Increase over initial month (August 2018 vs July 2018)

Stretching Your Life Tallahassee, Florida SEO








Search Engine Optimization in Tallahassee

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